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Fonte Avellana


The Monastry of Fonte Avellana is located on the wooded slopes of Mount Catria (1701 m.) at 700 meters above sea level.
Its origins lie in the late tenth century, around 980, when some hermits chose to build the first cell of a hermitage which, over the centuries, become the present monastery.

The spirituality of the hermits was influenced by St. Romuald of Ravenna, father of the Camaldolese Benedictine Congregation. He lived and worked between the tenth and eleventh centuries in areas very close to Fonte Avellana, such as Sitria, Mount Petrano and San Vincenzo al Furlo.
When you arrive at the monastery of Fonte Avellana, you can be struck by its original architectural structure, its history, its beauty that attracts and impresses with its simplicity. The stone, which is made, creates a habitat totally unique and reflects that of the desert: a strange feeling of emptiness. Going into its spaces, especially dwelling in the cell (the little rule of St. Romuald proposed to sit in his cell to pray and ruminate the psalms), it makes the experience of silence. It is an invisible embrace of spiritual energy that want to greet you, to protect and to elevate.

Sito Fonte Avellana – Institutional Site.

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