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The forests of the Cesane


Among the municipalities of Isola del Piano, Fossombrone and Urbino, the Monti della Cesana are an extensive green area, interesting in terms of landscape and tourism.

Of great interest is the complex of the Cesane Mountains (648 mt above sea level), over which extends, for more than 1400 hectares between Fossombrone and Urbino, the eponymous State Forest.
The rich vegetation consists primarily of various species of pine as well as oaks, maples, holms and hazels. Present some very rare species such as Lembotropis nigricans, Campanula medium and Campanula bononiensis, which are protected by three Protected Areas Floristic region.
Different animals live in the forest: from the fox to the badger, the hare, the marten, the weasel squirrels as well as deer, roe deer and wild boar.
The sky of Cesane is flown by blackbirds, tits, jays and raptors like the owls, peregrine falcons and buzzards.
The forest is crossed by a vast network of trails, marked and indicated by a tourist map, which allows hikers to discover the most beautiful spots and areas of highest environmental value.

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