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The rook of Mondavio


Mondavio is a small town near Pesaro, full of greenery and flowers. It has preserved intact over time the evidences of its fascinating past. Visiting Mondavio you can discover a picturesque landscape, breathe fresh air, soak in the shadow of centuries-old gardens, listen to the silence that we offer antique alleys, palaces and picturesque corners.

According to the historian Seta of seventeenth century, after the destruction of the Roman city of Suasa by the hands of the Gothic king Alaric, the survivors took refuge in the surrounding hills, giving rise to the hill towns, including Mondavio, the “Parva Civitas in Piceno”.
According to historian Macci, however, Mondavio arises when some wealthy families start to live around the monastery that St. Francis had built on the land donated by the Ricci family.
Also uncertain is the origin of the name “Mons AVII”, mountain of Avio, the local lord of the ‘300, or “Mons avium”, mountain of the birds, of Franciscan and poetic flavor. In ‘300 Mondavio certainly exists as a castle town and affirms itself for the presence of the families that, in fact, give origin, becoming vicariate legally recognized by the Cardinal Albornoz in 1355.

Although variable in its geographical composition, the vicariate lives and continues as part of the territory of the Committee of Fano with 18/24 castles, then as an ecclesiastical fief of the Malatesta of Rimini for almost hundred and fifty years, with ups and hunted and reconquest. Triumphal in 1442 is the entry of Sigismondo Malatesta in Mondavio whose wife Polyxena Sforza brings with it the vicarage, withdrawn from the Church from his father Francis in a period of serious unrest. Their end is tragic, however, defeated by Alfonso of Aragon and Federico da Montefeltro, allies of the Pope in 1474, after a brief period of Piccolomini, the vicariate with 24 castles was granted by Pope Sixtus IV to his nephew, captain Giovanni Della Rovere, betrothed to Giovanna da Montefeltro, daughter of Federico.

During the rule of the Della Rovere, the vicarage is experiencing a period of peace and progress of one hundred thirty years.
The fortress built by Francesco di Giorgio Martini on behalf of Giovanni to defend the vicarage, has never undergone any siege, never fired a shot from his cannon. Extinction of the Della Rovere in 1631, the Vicariate go back to the Apostolic siege and stayed there until the annexation to the Kingdom of Italy. In 1860 the vicarage became mandment with a magistrate’s court and prison (the Rook). The influence of the old families is felt until the early ‘900, so Mondavio can retain its character as a Renaissance city.

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