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Leopardi in Recanati


The Leopardi Palace

The Leopardi Palace in Recanati faces the square which takes it’s name from the famous poem “Saturday In The Village”.
The Palazzo owes it’s simple yet elegant sobriety to the restoration work undertaken in the eighteenth century by Carlo Orazio Leopardi, the poet’s great-uncle.
The famous square, or Piazzuola, is marked to the left by the Church of S. Maria Montemorello, built by Pier Niccolò Leopardi in the second half of the fifteenth century. Facing the Church are the scuderie, or stables, which once housed servants working for the Leopardi family. Among them was the family of Teresa Fattorini, celebrated by the poet as “Silvia”.
The giardini, or gardens, the playground for many generations of Leopardi children, are situated behind the Palazzo: the land adjoining the gardens belonged to the Leopardi family until it was donated by Blancina Leopardi for the construction of the Convent of Santo Stefano in the first half of the fifteenth century. The ancient Convent now houses the Institution for Poetry, known to scholars worldwide.
The entire first floor above the wine cellars is occupied by the famous library. The rest of the edifice is inhabited by the Leopardi family. The entrance is marked by a grand marble staircase built in the eighteenth century by the architect Carlo Orazio Leopardi to whom the Palace owes much of its’ character. Set in the walls of the ancient staircase are several archaeological exhibits collected by Monaldo. The marble architrave supported by two columns is all that remains of the Palazzo’s ancient doorway and, indeed, of the Palazzo itself before the eighteenth century restoration. It was placed in the entrance at Monaldo’s request and bears a well-wishing inscription.

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