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In the second half of the fifteenth-century Urbino was the home of one of the most important courts of Europe. Here Federico da Montefeltro gathered the most important painters, writers and scholars of his time.
Urbino is one of the most important city in the Marche. A first beautiful views of the city has coming from Arezzo. Immediately after you notice the beauty of the twin towers of the Palazzo Ducale, which is one of the most popular buildings throughout Italy.
The palace is huge in size and everything was built to meet the needs of people who lived there at the time. The most unusual room of the palace is the “Studiolo” of the Duke. It was indeed completely covered with inlays made ​​using the technique of trompe d’oil, some of them were also made ​​on grounds Botticelli.
However, to get a complete overview of the building and its organizational structure, you should enter the labyrinth of rooms, storerooms, kitchens, laundries, stables, places to store food, subways and basements.

Urbino – Sito Istituzionale

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