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The Owl

stacks_image_8-2The general thought is that the owl would bring bad luck, curses and woes, in fact, the legend tells us that God created the world with all animals, but then, regarding the owl, a little regretted having done so odd, with eyes so big, bizarre and nocturnal habits.
Then He wanted to make a great lift: the animal would become of good fortune, the one’s which carries the good whishes to prove the lives of those that would find be held close, without being afraid… That’s why the presence of one or more owls in a house, will bring great and deep whishes of good health and cheerful luck!

Within our structure, there are owls … a famous symbol of trouble-shooting and who has the good fortune of seeing one is sure to be kissed by fortune …

In 2007, we bought our first owl just to go against all those ancient and negative meanings as a bird of ill omen, harbinger of death, and we were rewarded with the birth of a child … our little Federico!

To date we have collected so many owls, each one with a special meaning, and all related to our trips and special happy moments… We want to tell you here the story of some of them.

We want to convey to you all the joy of remembering ourselves as one stage in the beginning of a long path of luck giving you a small gift! We are waiting for a first visit to our house, and we hope to have you for a second time to find loads of luck and joy in the heart!

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